Aqua-Solve Services Inc. Joins GFL Environmental Inc.

F&M Management Ltd. (F&M) congratulates Aqua-Solve Services Inc. (Aqua-Solve) for successfully finalizing their transaction with GFL Environmental Inc. (GFL) and their subsequent integration with GFL’s distinguished team. As M&A advisors to Aqua-Solve, F&M is honored to have facilitated this significant transition. We anticipate a bright future for our client within GFL. The partnership between Aqua-Solve and GFL symbolizes a future rich with innovation and excellence, fortifying their combined leadership in water treatment applications in Western Canada.

Milman & Associates Joins MTE

F&M Management Ltd. (F&M) extends its congratulations to Milman & Associates (Milman) on finalizing their transaction with MTE Consultants (MTE) and integrating with MTE’s esteemed team of professionals. Serving as Milman’s M&A advisors, F&M has been proud to play a role in this significant step, and we wish our client every success in their forthcoming endeavors at MTE. This partnership between MTE Consultants and Milman & Associates not only signifies a promising future filled with innovation and excellence but also further solidifies their joint position as leaders in the engineering field in Ontario.

PINTER & Associates Completes Ownership Transition

F&M Management Ltd. (F&M) is delighted to congratulate PINTER & Associates Ltd.’s (PINTER) new ownership group, along with Lawrence & Gail Pinter, on successfully completing their Management Buy Out Transaction. As Corporate Advisors to PINTER & Associates, F&M is proud to have contributed to this significant milestone. We extend our best wishes to the new shareholders and all company employees as they embark on this exciting chapter of managing the company.

Two Worlds Consulting Ltd. Completes Management Buy-In

F&M Management Ltd. (F&M) is pleased to congratulate Two Worlds Consulting Ltd. (TWC) and its new shareholders on the successful completion of their Management Buy-In Transaction. F&M is proud to have served as Corporate Advisors to TWC during this process and we extend our best wishes for continued success to the new shareholders and all employees of the company.

F&M Management successfully advises Teranis Consulting to complete its transaction with IBI Group

F&M Management Ltd. (F&M) would like to congratulate Teranis Consulting Ltd. (Teranis) shareholders and employees for finalizing their transaction with IBI Group Inc. (IBI) and joining IBI’s Canadian-based international consulting services. F&M is proud to have been involved as M&A advisors to Teranis and wish our client success in their future careers at IBI. For more information please visit our latest news for more information.

F&M Management Successfully advises Stratos Inc. to complete its transaction with ERM

F&M Management Ltd. (F&M) would like to congratulate Stratos Inc. shareholders and employees for finalizing their transaction with ERM and joining ERM’s global team of sustainability professionals. F&M is proud to have been involved as Stratos’ M&A advisors and wish our client success in their future careers at ERM.

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We retained the services of F&M Management (F&M) to provide us Project Management training across our organization. F&M met and exceeded our expectations as they customized their workshop modules to our specific needs. Their 8 hour customized project management training was well received by our operations, management and our project managers. F&M trained over 180 of our staff.

We would like to thank F&M for their efforts in assisting us with our training and operational needs.

Rick Coueffin – Allnorth Consultants Ltd.
Principal Engineer for Project Management
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