10 Years of Success

F&M Management has been a sound business partnership between Leroy and me for 10 years. We have known one another for over 20 years. Our approach to every assignment reflects our experience of known of trust, collaboration, solution and delivery.

As we celebrate ten years of providing corporate advisory services to our clients, we want you to know that your trust and support have always been the biggest drivers for our continued success!

Over the past ten years we have;

• Assisted many of our clients to achieve their lifetime goal of realizing the equity they have built over the years as their M&A advisors
• Assisted some clients through an effective ownership transition by structuring Management Buyouts and Buy-Ins
• Provided help to many of our clients with their business optimization goals as part of their corporate growth strategies
• Provided training of over fifteen hundred project managers across the country, using our customized project management training platform
• Provided corporate and project management guidance to some of the largest projects in the industry
• Helped to implement proper corporate governance to manage corporate risks
• Provided a platform for senior executives of the industry to network and discuss key issues facing the industry by organizing annual CE3C Conferences

Our clients have always been an integral part of our journey in the past ten years. Our clients’ trust, support and satisfaction are the key reasons for Leroy and I to continue providing corporate advisory services to the industry.

We would also like to recognize our associates who have been instrumental in our client service delivery over the years.

Faramarz Bogzaran, CMC, EP
Managing Partner

Leroy Banack, M.Sc., EP
Senior Partner

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