Leroy Banack, M.Sc., EP

Senior Partner
Valuation & Integration

Leroy has over 20 years of consulting experience, with a specialty in internal business processes and systems improvement. He conducts comprehensive financial performance and operations assessments to advise clients on strategies for performance improvement, and prepare business valuations that are specific to the engineering and scientific consulting industry.

With specialized expertise in numerical modelling, network and database management, Leroy builds customized models to provide clients with valuable information to aid in decision making – both for day-to-day operations, and for long-term planning. He creates custom financial models to forecast the short and long-term financial implications of alternative strategic options, and builds effective tools for analyzing technical data and market intelligence.

Leroy is skilled at gathering, synthesizing, interpreting, summarizing, and effectively communicating complex information. F&M clients especially value Leroy’s proficiency at translating large amounts of complex information into a few simple key concepts and ideas.