F&M Management Forms a New Company Focused on Project Management Training

F&M Management Ltd. (F&M) has been providing corporate advisory services to our clients for ten successful years.  This has included management and project management training.   We are announcing the formation of a new company, Meridus Management Ltd. (Meridus), with a focus specifically on project management training.

We are very excited about this initiative as project management is one of the most fundamental strengths our clients offer.  Their ability to manage projects has a tremendous impact on their reputation, the scope of services they can provide and bottom-line financial performance.  While teaching the key fundamentals of project management we provide unique approaches and philosophies that are applied across an organization to allow the management of larger and complicated projects more effectively.

Our initial goal at Meridus is to bring our best-in-class live training to an engaging, online experience.  The courses are well into the development phase and the expected launch of this innovative initiative is in early 2021.  We are excited to present this initiative to the industry because we truly believe it will have a significant impact for our clients.

More announcements regarding Meridus and course content are coming this fall.

Faramarz Bogzaran, CMC, EP
Managing Partner

Leroy Banack, M.Sc., EP
Senior Partner

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