F&M Management forms a new company To manage CE3C Conference

As the founders of the CE3C conference in 2017, F&M Management and its partners held successful conferences in 2018 and 2019 for the executives of environmental consulting and engineering sector in Canada. We soon realized that in order to maintain the high-quality deliverables and expansion of the conference we needed to align the conference with a reputable marketing and media company in Canada. In 2018 we were approached by Actual Media, our Media sponsor, indicating their keen interest in joining our efforts to deliver the future conferences.

After further assessment and negotiations with Actual Media, we agreed to form a new company called CE3C Management Ltd. to house the conference. F&M Management retained the majority ownership of CE3C Management Ltd. as the founder of the conference and will be involved in the conference program management and technical delivery related to industry benchmarking and ensuring the conference maintains a high degree of professional output. Actual Media will be responsible for marketing the conference, conference organization and sponsorship. We are very pleased with our new partnership with Actual Media as we continue serving the environmental consulting and engineering sector in Canada

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