Faramarz Bogzaran was a panel speaker at the first annual Young Entrepreneurs Symposium (Y.E.S.) event held on June 5, 2014.  Y.E.S. aims to provide young people in business with street-wise/practical ideas that they can incorporate into their businesses.  The event featured a total of 5 speakers with varied business backgrounds who offered advise while addressing topics that they are passionate about.  For more information about Y.E.S. and to see photo’s form the event, please visit www.yestalks.org

The latter part of the summer and fall are typically a very busy time for engineering and environmental consulting companies.  Managing this busy workload relies on many resources; however, the most valuable asset at this time of year is good project management.  Planning, communication, task/budget management, and quality control are some of the key pieces required to deliver successful projects.  Fortunately, all these topics and more are covered in F&M’s project management workshops targeted for our sector.  Our one-day course is the most comprehensive than any other provided.  Visit www.fmmltd.com to learn more and help give your team the tools to successfully deliver projects – especially through these busy times.